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       The appearance of a home should be a reflection of the lifestyle of its residents, just as the look of a company should convey the values ​​and purposes it advocates. Therefore the architectural design and decoration of a residence or corporation must be planned and executed in a thorough way so that these characteristics are transmitted with fidelity.

       Lovecchio Architecture and Interiors develops special projects for homes and businesses such as clinics, shops, offices. All aspects of a project are analyzed, such as materials, textures, colors, lighting, ergonomics, arrangement of furniture, harmonization of decorative elements, etc.

       The project involves all the steps for the execution of the work, as well as 3D images for better understanding. In addition, we offer support in  the purchase of the materials and specification of them, technical responsibility for everything that happens in this work, ART collection (document that notes the responsibility of the work in detail) and the administration and management of the work until delivery. We're waiting for a conversation


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